Strawboard Panels For All Your Building Needs

These rigid building panels are designed to replace labour intensive 2x4 stud and dry wall construction for interior partition walls. The environmentally friendly, economical and recyclable solid panels are made of all natural fibrous materials. The durable panels feature thermal and acoustic insulationas well as fire and termite resistanceand are available for a variety of applications to speed up construction processes.

Other applications for strawboard panels include loadbearing and non-loadbearing ceilings, roofing, doors, floors and prefabricated buildings.

Although it has been used in over 20 countries formore than 50 years, this latest environmentally friendly version has been available in Europe since 1999, and now in Ireland.

Uses for strawboard include:
  • partitions
  • acoustic and thermal insulation
  • fire resistance
  • prefab houses
  • floors; ceilings
  • doors
  • timber frame structures
  • and more ...